Would You Like A Drink?

I know after this election, many people have turned to drinking.

Well, good news!  I can help.

I thought this was an opportune moment to shamelessly promote our new Cellar Another brands that have just arrived from Moldova and will be hitting the shelves all across Ohio.  Along with that, we have a new website for Cellar Another as well (which – keep in mind – is still a work in progress).


Above:  One of many crates with a cat on the front of it.

The newest wines are:

9 Names Chardonnay

Naked Penguin Moscato

And also a couple of familiar favorites:

Beethoven’s 10th

Pour Mozart


Brandon and I (my partner with Cellar Another) decided it might be good to promote the wines.  So, we went all out.  After spending gobs of money producing this thing (it was around five bucks), this is the best we could do.

I’ve written about the wine before (you can check it out here) on this site.  It is exciting though to get these newest ones out there and expand.  We have a distributor now, so if you live in Ohio, tell your local wine shop/store you would like some and we can get them hooked up.  They can call Brandon directly at 937-269-6574

Whether you’re happy about the results of the election or not, looking for a collection to add on top of that old furnace or whatever – a good bottle of wine is always nice to have (unless you’re a raging alcoholic).