What Ever Happened to KOHD?

KOHD.  Sounds like a television station, huh?  (Actually, to our discovery, it is one in central Oregon.)

So the FULL name of KOHD is Knocking on Heaven’s Door.  Some of you may know what I’m talking about – others may not.  It depends how long you’ve known me, I guess.

Knocking on Heaven’s Door was a comic series that I illustrated starting back in 2008.  It was a collaboration with actor/comedian, Tommy Blaze.  He wrote it – I drew it.

The series is best described as this:  When most people think about God, they picture a grumpy old man in the sky handing out impossible rules and smiting people. It s not often that we have the opportunity to see God as the inventor of humor and a connoisseur of friendship. Knocking on Heaven s Door explores the relationship between a little boy named Spencer and his best friend God. 


No, this wasn’t any kind of religious propaganda or anything of that nature.  Just a fun comic strip featuring a six-year old and God.


We had a good time creating it and we had some success.  Not only were there quite a few readers online regularly, Knocking on Heaven’s Door was talked about on the nationally syndicated radio show, Bob and Tom.  We also have a book published featuring about 200 comics (that you can order here).


So, WHERE is KOHD now?

We’ve had a few things come up with the cartoon.  One was a contract to potentially get the comic made into an animated series.  I’ve also heard that it could possibly become a LIVE series someday.  Otherwise, we halted production on the actual cartoons toward the end of 2013.  Why, well…

It was a lot of work.  And Tommy and I are both busy people.  Sounds like a lousy excuse, but there’s no better way to describe it.

Added to that, we felt the series needed something else and we didn’t know for sure what direction to take it.  Plus, we were kind of holding-off on anything new until we got word on an animated version or anything else producers, editors, etc. might want.

That being said, I have a feeling (in one way or the other) Knocking on Heaven’s Door will resurface.  If anything comes soon, it might be the mentioned animated series, or television show.  Maybe another book?  I’m not quite sure yet.  There’s no guarantees on ANYTHING.

But, it had a good run for now.


I’ve said it before, but I compare my cartooning to acting.  Actors take on many roles.  And as a cartoonist, I do the same thing.  KOHD isn’t something I would typically draw or illustrate.  However, I had a good working relationship with Tommy.  Thousands of emails, calls and so-forth led to hundreds of cartoons and we cranked out a lot of material between 2008 and 2013.

What’s next?

I’ll try to knock on your door and let you know when I find out.



  • Tommy Blaze and I have never actually met in person.  We decided it’s best this way since everything was working quite well over the phone and with email.
  • When KOHD was mentioned on the radio program, Bob and Tom Show, we had JUST self-published our first book.  We had it up for sale on our website.  However, our servers were not ready for the traffic.  With tens of thousands of people going to the website at one time (Bob and Tom have millions of listeners), it crashed.  We could’ve sold out of books.  However, since our site crashed and people were unable to view anything, we sold just two on our website that day.
  • Comedian Chris Rock mentioned this about Knocking on Heaven’s Door: “Looks cool.”
  • On our first self-published version of our book (pre-book deal) we spelled ‘Heavens‘ without the apostrophe.  How did that happen?  Tommy and I didn’t know – but we just ran with it.  When it was professionally published, it was changed to the grammatically correct ‘Heaven’s‘.
  • The series started on the social networking site, MySpace, as a blog.  It then became a cartoon.  Quickly it gained readers and was regularly featured as one of the Top Blogs on MySpace when it became cartoon.