Rejected Cartoon:  The Drunken Polygamist

One feature I’ll be showcasing regularly on the ol’ blog are rejected cartoons.

I have tons of them.

What are they?  Well, they’re cartoons I’ve submitted to publications in hopes of getting them published.  When they don’t make the cut, they’re rejected.

Most of the rejected cartoons are ones that I’ve pitched to MAD Magazine to no avail.  And boy, there are some whoppers in these piles of rejections.  I could start an orphanage for these unwanted scripts and cartoons.  Instead though, I’ll feature them here.

As many of you know (and I’ve mentioned on this website) I was an intern with MAD.  And yes, I still contribute cartoons and still write for them.  But, all of my material goes through the editorial stage.  No guarantees ANYTHING will get picked-up.  In fact, during my internship, one of the editors mentioned to me that if 40% of what I sent in was published – that’s an excellent rate and makes for a top writer.

What percentage am I?

After all these years, I dunno.  I’m no Dick DeBartolo, but as I write this I’m starting to write more and more for MAD and pitching as much as possible each month.  And I’ve got a tally sheet hanging up on my wall (in high hopes of hitting that 40%).  Even though I’m horrible at math, maybe someday I’ll have an actual percentage I can give you.  I’m eager to be a much more regular with the “Usual Gang of Idiots” instead of just having a cartoon or script published here-and-there.

So, on with today’s post…

This particular rejected cartoon was called The Drunken Polygamist and it was created back in 2010.

The premise was pretty simple and basically described in the title:  A drunken polygamist with a lot of wives.

I found the concept pretty funny.  I believe the reason it got rejected though was it was a bit too realistic in some sense.  And also, I’m not sure drunken abusive behavior was a hot topic six years ago (and it’s still probably not near as funny as the current Chris Brown banter).

Anyway, for your viewing pleasure, here are the only two cartoons ever created based off this premise.



Normally I send in pencil roughs first, but for some reason, I actually sent these two all inked (just not colored).

I think drunk polygamist everywhere would’ve gotten a kick out of this (and maybe their wives, too).

With MAD pitches, the tough part about them is there really is nowhere else to send them once they pass on it.  Think about any other publication that would possibly feature a drunk polygamist.  Any ideas?  That being said, that’s what makes MAD great.

That’s it for the first installment of Rejected Cartoons.  I’ll be featuring more regularly.

In the meantime, I hope this makes anyone possibly thinking of becoming an alcoholic polygamist think twice.  It would be tough having that toilet seat down all the time.