Cellar Another


That’s about how many brain cells you’ll lose after reading this blog post.

Okay, not really.  However, it is close to the alcohol percentage in wine.  What wine?

Let me tell you….

It’s called Cellar Another.  It’s a brand of wine that I’ve been involved with now for over a year that’s imported from Moldova.  It’s a collaboration with Soroca Imports and myself.  This is wine you can buy on the shelves all over Ohio (and expanding markets are growing more and more).

Not many people know that designing wine labels is one area that I’ve dived into recently in the past couple of years.  It started off just with individuals creating their own brands at home.  Now it’s with real companies such as Soroca.  I like creating them and am hoping to continue the progression of creating more and more (without drinking too many of them in the process).

Brandon Snell, who owns the company, has become a close friend of mine and it’s been a really fun team effort.

Anyhow, last December Cellar Another launched its first two wines:  Pour Mozart and Beethoven’s 10th.


Above:  A signed bottle of Pour Mozart


Above:  A signed bottle of Beethoven’s 10th

The ideas came from the love of classical music.  And because we felt like it.

Mozart has always been my favorite composer, but Beethoven follows closely behind.  And the idea of a POOR looking Mozart (who was known to never have much money and be in debt) and then a sloshed Beethoven after consuming, well, his tenth drink, I found funny.  Brandon did, too.  And we worked together combining each others ideas to make it all come together in a nicely bottled-up package (no pun intended).


Above:  I took this pic during one of my afternoon binge-signing a bazillion bottles.

The wines are doing quite well.  They sell out.  We have a new shipment coming in soon.  It’s all imported, so they’ll be arriving by ship, train and truck.  And then hopefully they’ll sell out again.

A little fun fact about our first shipment…

The printers forgot to include the actual name of the wine on the front of the labels.  So, it’s blank.  As you can see though, I’ve signed many of them and have hand-written in the name.  Therefore, if you get your hands on one of these, they’re like the Inverted Jenny of wine labels.  Collector pieces at best.  Worth millions someday.  (Or, possibly a few bucks on e-Bay.)

I’ll be writing another blog when our two newest wines come out this fall.  I’m also going to be adding in my portfolio area (coming soon) a spot for all my alcohol-themed creations.


Above:  As seen on the shelves locally.  

So, if you’re ever drinking some wine around Ohio and you see a familiar looking label, well, it might just be one of mine.  I’m pretty proud of them.

Oh, and the wines not too bad, either.