A Cut Above the Rest?

Along with cartooning, I’ve always had other business ventures that I’ve contemplated — everything from selling nutritional supplements, to drawing pet illustrations. None of them have worked out too well (whew!).

Grammar Hell

I don’t know what has been going on in April, but I have had a record-breaking number of typos and grammatical errors in my cartoons. You’ll probably notice a few in this blog post as well (if this post is anything like the ones in my cartoons this month).

There’s Your Sign

I meant to write this a lot sooner than now. In typical “I’m busy” fashion though, this blog post is arriving almost a week late. But, it’s really no big deal. It’s here now, right?


It’s not often I title a blog post as a date, but this is one to remember.

If you’ve read previous posts of mine or follow me at all via my email subscription or Facebook, you know that I just recently launched a new book, Laser Pointers, Hairballs, and Other Cat Stuff. This being my first self-published book, I’m learning a lot. I’m planning on releasing two more books this year, so I’d better learn quick.

A Super Cartoon

Do you get a chance to watch the Super Bowl? I did. And I learned one thing: I’m really a lightweight when it comes to drinking beer. No, really. About three beers was a lot for me. I used to be able to handle that much better. This whole growing older thing, you know.

A Garfield Experience

A journey through eastern Indiana isn’t totally thrilling. There are cows, barns, abandoned gas stations and fields. However, when that drive is to Paws Inc. – the home of Garfield – the drive isn’t too shabby. And the anticipation of getting there makes up for any exhaust breathed in from the pickup truck in front of me while driving down the rural highways.


Over the holidays (well, on December 23rd, to be exact) I received a confirmation letter in the mail. No, it wasn’t one confirming my phone bill was late. Something else…

‘Tis the Season

Like a Charles Dickens novel, I wanted to share with you some holiday comics from the past, present and future. Er, wait… I guess I don’t have any for the future. BUT, I have the other two.